What is the Fees to Use Paysafecard

After using Paysafecard, lots of people found that it is one of the best methods to pay online and lots of people are willing to start. But what’s the fees stopping new users.


Well, if you use and pay with Paysafecard then there are no charges. It is essentially free. The first 12 months are completely free however from the 13th month, you will be charged 2 dollars from the pin.


The monthly fees are still very low for people that are completely relying on it. This is better to pay a little for safety.


Conversion Fees for Foreign Currency



If you are using Paysafecard Generator in US and later on, you are in different country to get start then it will charge a conversion fees.


Well, there is nothing wrong in it and you can face such things with real money too so it is worth paying.


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You can check out the Paysafecard currency converter form to know the charges and these are really low.


You need to enter the amount and then press on convert to find that how much it will charge on conversion. This is completely easy and anyone can get started with it.